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enfants perdus


the vanguards of Rome's new generation, shaking up the city's (and beyond) electronic music scene. 


Our belief is simple: music brings people together.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, we craved sociality, yearning to share moments of joy with our friends.

Lost Boys emerged from this hunger for life and connections.


We celebrate the sheer bliss of music and its ability to transcend barriers, allowing people to connect on a profound level. Our goal is to create an environment where individuals can immerse themselves in the sound, sharing moments of pure joy and collective energy.


LB is here to challenge the static nature of the industry in Rome, injecting fresh energy and innovation into every production. We’re dedicated to elevating the scene by inviting to our stages DJs from all around the globe. We support the convergence of cultures and musical styles, and to forge connections with the international music community is one of our main objectives.


Our family is key. We cherish the opportunity to serve and be available for our dedicated supporters. They are the heartbeat of our brand, and we continually work to provide experiences that exceed their expectations.

See you on the dance floor boys and girls <3

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